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Gosu DotA Highskill League

Place for Mid-High Skilled players to enjoy their games.
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PostSubject: Vouch Blister   Vouch Blister EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 5:00 pm

1)Your Real Name?

2)How old are you?
I am 19 years old

3)Tell us a bit about you(Your hopes, your dreams, ...)
I prefer not to write about them(kinda sensitive on this topic)

4)Where do you come from?
I am from Plovdiv,Bulgaria

DotA Related stuff:
1a)Your DotA expirience(Where have you played?, Who have you played with?)
I started about 3-4 ago in Garena moved to Bnet then Dota-League and now am trying here

1b)Are you member of any clan? If yes give us a link of your website/dota-league profile/etc
No am not a member of a clan

1c) Give us at least 2 replays of different herotypes from inhouse league games or cw.
I reinstaled my windows soon so my warcraft 3 folder deleted

2)Do you know any member in #GOSU DotA League?

3)What's your Garena Username?

4)What name do you want registered on bot?

5)Anything else we should know?
Well what else can i write am here for DOTA

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