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Place for Mid-High Skilled players to enjoy their games.
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 Первый Test Game

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Первый Test Game Empty
PostSubject: Первый Test Game   Первый Test Game EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 7:10 pm

1. Пул:
Team Sentinel: <supermandarin><hranitel>< Click-Cluck> <MouseMickey><ImHAppyDuck>
<@opopo> Team Scourge: <RezakDot><HBAT><pro100bass><wc3SaimON><olejik>
2.Полученные воучи это :
<@Hachiko> <@Hachiko> .vouch tr0l0l0 pro100bass
<@Hachiko> * @Gosu-BOT User tr0l0l0 has been vouched with username pro100bass. -не плохая игра за байтрайдера
<@Hachiko> <@Hachiko> .vouch hbat hbat
<@Hachiko> * @Gosu-BOT User hbat has been vouched with username hbat. до 2-ух предупреждений
<@Hachiko> <@Hachiko> .vouch wc3SaimON wc3SaimON
<@Hachiko> * @Gosu-BOT User wc3SaimON has been vouched with username wc3SaimON. хорошая козочка
<@Hachiko> @Hachiko> .vouch RezakDot RezakDot
<@Hachiko> * @Gosu-BOT User RezakDot has been vouched with username RezakDot. автовоуч ..
3. Реплей :
good luck king
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Первый Test Game
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